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This site was designed by James Cobb. It was implemented by Joe Muscara of termite terrace studios and redesigned by Pam Parks in 2016 under the direction and guidance of a joint GOMO-GOCC steering committee.

This site is jointly owned and operated by the Garden Oaks Maintenance Organization (GOMO) and the Garden Oaks Civic Club (GOCC).  GOMO, GOCC and related neighborhood groups who are approved to post content to the site share responsibility for the content on the site with each managing their respective pages.  Some pains have been taken to clearly segregate and identify content for these organizations on the site.

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If you would like to help by providing content for this site, particularly in any areas where the content is still "under development," let us know.
Comments are also welcome.

Members Only Pages and Registration
GOMO Records and Q & A+ pages are restricted to registered users. This permits more information to be posted as it reduces the likelihood of inappropriate use of information. It also creates an inducement for Members of GOMO to provide and maintain their contact information. A high level of Member sign up would result in savings of thousands of dollars a year currently spent on mailings. These mailings consist of an Annual Meeting notice and may include one or more special meeting notices, owner surveys and proxy ballots.

Registered site users, when logged in, automatically provide a log of site use (tracking) to our web designer/webmaster who uses the information to improve site design and to troubleshoot problems. From time to time, the information may be used to recruit Members to provide additional feedback for the site.

Website Q & A

Updated Website

The plus sign permits inclusion of groups that are not part of the Civic Club. We have a long history in our neighborhood of groups forming independently of the Civic Club, later joining and vice versa. A few rules about what can be included are being formulated and a mechanism for getting on the site will be set up if needed. As a starting point the intention is to limit the site to groups that are by and large:


Locally focused



Open to owners/residents

    • Replacing the annual GOMO mail out (snail mail) with email would save thousands of dollars per year. State law now provides that HOA’s may utilize email for this and notice of meetings. Having a login setup where users can update their contact information will make maintaining an email list for over 1100 members manageable.
    • Member only pages on the site provide privacy for members and volunteers who are reluctant to publish name, phone, email and mail addresses. Logins will permit us to place more information on “members only” pages.
    • GOMO communication with property owners is greatly improved with phone and email contact. Currently, GOMO ‘s only contact information for a majority of members is their mailing address.
    • Logins will facilitate member input by easy submission of questions and surveys could be conducted. A single survey done by mail runs close to a $1 per parcel/household just in postage. Printing, stuffing and labor double that. A comparable web survey can be done for a fraction of the cost.
    The site permits several kinds of membership for “members” of our community.  A single person may have several of these:

  • GOMO Members – owners of property in sections 1,2,3 & 5
  • GO Section 4 – owners of property in section 4
  • Civic Club Members
  • Constable Patrol Contributors
  • Garden Club Members
  • CoP Volunteers
  • Community Garden

For the purpose of determining GOMO membership we need the property address(es) owned by the user. We have several owners (members) who own more than one property and we have owners who do not live in Garden Oaks. The mailing address assures we have a way to contact GOMO members. Our Civic Club also has non-resident members and the Constable membership includes households and businesses who adjoin GO.

In the future we hope to be able to use the website to conduct surveys for either GOMO or GOCC. Both of these organizations have voting rules which have the effect of one household = one vote. These surveys are not likely to ever be binding votes as voting is dictated by the bylaws which do not provide for online voting. However, having one login per parcel/household will make surveys more representative of the memberships.

By design we are holding responsibility for tracking membership in the various groups. If your information is incorrect, please email us and let us know so that we can get the issue sorted out. Membership in GOMO is based upon owning a parcel in sections 1.2.3 or 5 and is mandatory. Memberships in GOCC, Constable, Beautification, and Garden Club are voluntary and run for calendar years.

Virtually all websites are able to monitor traffic. This information includes the traffic’s source, how long the visitor stays on the site, which pages are viewed and several other characteristics of the visitors. This information is anonymous and not terribly useful for seeing how our most important users, our GOMO members and section 4 owners, use the site. By registering and logging in, our users provide us information which we can use to identify problems and improve the design and functioning of the site.