Garden Oaks Citizen Patrol is a volunteer group of Garden Oaks neighbors who patrol our streets using their cellular phones to report suspicious activity to local law enforcement authorities. Garden Oaks Citizen Patrol wants to provide a service for our neighbors; a service you can rely upon when you go on vacation, to work every day or simply to the grocery store. We ask every resident in Garden Oaks become aware of who lives around them and their normal routine. This way you are more apt to recognize a stranger or identify suspicious activity.

We need a large number of patrollers to ensure the neighborhood is well covered and to give each other an opportunity for time off from patrolling. You can patrol in your section or throughout the entire neighborhood. We will accommodate your desired patrol time if possible. We can all feel better about our neighborhood's safety knowing that patrolling is a proven deterrent to crime.

Patrollers are responsible for reporting their hours to the Citizen Patrol coordinator at the first of each month.

To join Garden Oaks Citizen Patrol you must be a Garden Oaks resident and at least 18 years of age. Garden Oaks Citizen Patrol is a program run in conjunction with the City of Houston and the Houston Police Department, formal training is required to participate and volunteers must pass a background check conducted by HPD. H.P.D. provides training once a month at the North Division Command Station located at 9455 W. Montgomery Rd. Training dates vary so contact the program coordinator for training information. Training lasts for about an hour.

Questions should be directed to the Citizen Patrol Coordinator.


Here is how simple it is

1. Sign up and return applications (
Citizen Patroller Application
and HPD)
2. Complete H.P.D. training
3. Complete Indoctrination Ride
4. You're on your own
5. Crooks Beware!

Interested in patrolling? Print and complete the above forms and then call 713 569 3153 or email.

Please note: If you are having an emergency, you should not call the CP Coordinator first! You should call 911 to report crimes in progress, fires, or a need for an ambulance, or the Precinct One Constable Dispatch to call the Constable.