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Join the Civic Club

Six membership options provide a "right" option for your household.  Two levels of  support are offered for "Seniors" and three levels for the rest.  A non-voting Business option is offered for local businesses.

GOCC Crepe Myrtle - Basic Household

Price: $25.00

GOCC Red Oak - Patron

Price: $75.00

GOCC Household

Price: $100.00

GOCC Business (non-voting)

Price: $50.00

GOCC Crepe Myrtle - Basic Senior

Price: $5.00

GOCC Red Oak - Patron Senior

Price: $15.00

Garden Club and Beautification Support

Choose your own contribution level for the Garden Club and or Beautification.  The Garden Club membership is $25, $10 for spouses of members and $10 for Seniors.

Beautification Contribution


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Garden Club Contribution


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