Smoke ‘n’ Spirits


The Smoke 'n Spirits event presently scheduled for April 8, 2017 at the home of Vidal & Debbie Martinez has been converted by the planners to a pure fundraiser to reach the $10,000 goal. This was done to maximize the net funds available for the Constable Program instead of spending a bunch of money on the event itself and hoping to net out $10,000.

The event committee consisted of Ronnie and Sheree' Peoples, Terry Jeanes, Sheila Briones, Joe Muscara, Vidal Martinez and John Beddow.

Vidal Martinez offered to convert his donations to a cash contribution and then Dr. Cesar Maldonado, Chancellor of the Houston Community College, along with HCC Trustee Zeph Capo, and many other of our neighbors, agreed to donate as follows:

Vidal & Debbie Martinez $2000
Cesar & Liz Maldonado $1000
Judy Darden $750
Joe Caserez $300
Jeff and Melissa Gibb $250
Peter & Kathy Chang $250
Fred & Gina Clarke $250
Jaime & Celeste Zamora $250
Ronnie & Sheree' Peoples $500

In addition the GO Constable group has committed $1200. That group consists of:

Brenda and Ed de Alba $250
Sandy Altman and Dian Austin $250
Shelley Rogers and Pat Buron $250
Sheila Briones $200
Tina Rowe and Jim DiCola $200

Total so far from both groups is: $6,700

Tickets and Sponsorships

All monies go to the Civic Club for support of the Constable Patrols

We are using eventbrite for ticket sales.

Purchase Sponsorships here!

Contact is John Beddow

Platinum $1000

Gold $500

Silver $300