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The Garden Oaks Civic Club is actively looking for committee members for the 2018 GARDEN OAKS HOME TOUR.  Many committee roles are available, including chairperson(s), sponsorship, home and garden selection, marketing, printing/graphics, transportation, set-up, and others.  2018 may seem like a long way off, but the planning starts now.  The Home and Garden Tour is the largest source of revenue for GOCC. The home tour will not happen in 2018 without volunteers like you getting involved.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  Please email president@gardenoaks.org for more details.  Thanks!


Garden Oaks Civic Club (GOCC)

The Garden Oaks Civic Club (GOCC) exists for the purpose of providing a forum for the residents to problem solve and become more cohesive as a neighborhood. Meetings are held once a month on the first Tuesday of each month (excluding the month that is set aside for "Neighbor's Night Out") at 7 PM. Meetings are currently held at the Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet cafeteria, 901 Sue Barnett.

Membership is open to anyone who lives in the neighborhood regardless of whether they own or rent their home. Standard household memberships are $25 per year; seniors may join for $5 per year and the business rate is $50. Membership in the civic club entitles each household to one vote on issues decided upon during monthly meetings. In 2016, about 20% of the approximate 1430 homes in Garden Oaks were members of the GOCC, contributing about $11,400 to the civic club in membership fees.

This money along with the proceeds of the biennial Garden Oaks Home Tour is the primary funding source for civic club expenses. Beautification is the most costly expense incurred by the civic club. We are charged with maintaining the 5 parks that grace our neighborhood.

The benefits of membership include voting privileges, meeting new neighbors, and the opportunity to learn more about how you can participate in neighborhood activities and give back to the community.

The Garden Oaks Civic Club is not the property owners association for the Garden Oaks subdivision and has no deed restriction enforcement authority whatsoever. 


To join the civic club, download this form GOCC Signup and send in your information by snail mail or pay with PayPal.

Our current roster of members may be downloaded here

GOCC Members April 1, 2017

Olimometer 2.52 Olimometer 2.52
2017 Joined 248
2017 Goal 325
2017 Remaining 77
2016 Joined 290
2016 Goal 300
2016 Exceeded! 10

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