Fundraising, Drainage Work and Improved Signage are in the news!

Campaign to Restore Constable Patrols & Bolster Beautification

The troops have been mobilized. Events are being planned. Neighbors are talking to neighbors. Money has been raised.

Smoke "n" Spirits Replaced with a fundraiser which has raised $6200 +.
Spring Fling Targets new funding for Beautification Projects
Wine Walk Planned for October 2017

The effort to increase the number of households in Garden Oaks supporting the Constable Program so far is very nearly enough to save one of the two Constable Patrols we will be losing in March due to the loss of GOMO funding.The civic club has signed two contracts, with each contract providing 40 hours of professional law enforcement officers patrolling in our neighborhood. Each contract costs about $77,000. These contracts will be funded by the residents of Garden Oaks, as we no longer have funding from GOMO. We need to raise $154,000 to keep these contracts in place for the duration of 2017. We need your support. Today!

The campaign launched in August of 2016 broke all previous records, and we ended 2016 with 370 households as constable supporters. We need that number to increase if we are going to support two constable patrols.

The 2016 Wine Walk contributed another $30,000 to the constable program fund, and several other fundraisers will be scheduled in 2017.

Following on, we are pushing to complete the needed funding for the additional patrol and start on having the money ready to go for the second year of no funding.

Olimometer 2.52 Olimometer 2.52
2017 Supporters 324 2016 Supporters 370
2017 Goal 600 2016 Goal 350
2017 Remaining 276 2016 Goal Exceeded! -20



Can we get our patrols back?

What would it take to get us back to 3 patrols this year? Glad you asked.

One recipe would be to do it with more events and a higher level of household participation.

Add two "blow out" successful fundraisers to the wine walk which pushes the total raised from $30K to $77K. The fundraisers pay for one constable at this level.

GOMO funded 2 months for two constables in 2017 at $25.6K

That leaves us needing  600 of our 1434 households to contribute at the $225 level... less than half of us.

We currently have 350 GO households participating. 600 is big increase over the number who have historically stepped forward. That said, folks did know that the coverage was there with most of them contributing nothing. Now we all know differently. Last year when the news came in that coverage was going to be cut by two thirds participation increased strongly. If we all understand that we are still down one of three patrols and it won't come back without us participating, perhaps getting half of our households is not an extreme goal. We really need your support!!

Big Projects are Impacting Traffic and Road Use

The major construction project at the Garden Oaks Montessouri Magnet is progressing and promises to be with us through the end of this year. HISD has a website where they post the status of the project here.

The other major project has to do with storm water management. It is a three part project starting with Alba and continuing with Sue Barnett and Golf. The surprise to many has been the impact on the intersecting streets where drainage infrastructure is being upgraded several lots in from Alba. City of Houston Projects left GOCC with a set of detailed drawings. These are way too much detail for most folks.

A more digestible view of the Alba project can be gotten by bringing up our area in Houston GIMS. Here are a few screen shots of what you can see at that website regarding location and nature of the work being done. On the long toolbar click the far right icon that looks like a loose stack of papers and choose CIP Projects. In the menu that opens select Active. Zoom into our area and start playing with layers by turning them on and off. After zooming you will want to choose the upside down i symbol or the hand to navigate and bring up more info.

Here are a few screen shots to give you an idea of the available information. Starting with most of the options turned off you can see where work is planned for the water supply lines and sewage.

Water is blue and sewage is red.

click to see more detail

Adding stormwater adds the green.

click to see more detail

And the new road adds the brown.

click to see more detail

Our Neighborhood Signs Have Gotten a Facelift


Have a look at the before and after shots.
A few things remain to be completed.
The sign at 41st and Alba will be stored until the storm water and road work are completed where the sign goes.
The sign at 41st and Golf is still at the shop.
And there is a bit of work remaining on the sign at Althea and Ella.

Garden Oaks a "Hidden" Houston Gem

For those who don't know, Garden Oaks is one of Houston's best-kept secrets. Nestled among towering pines and grand magnolias, this quaint and architecturally unique neighborhood of approximately 1400 homes continues to attract attention and rave reviews.